The first online Nova Scotia CPA firm

Our goal is simple. We want to make top-tier CPA services accessible to startups and small businesses in Atlantic Canada. Mobile accounting services means we can provide high-quality and affordable CPA services to business across all of the Atlantic Provinces. We understand the things that are important to our clients.

Everything we do is based on our
four pillars of accessibility


We assign a dedicated accounting professional to each one of our clients during on-boarding. Our professionals make themselves available for you from anywhere at any time.

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We want you to approach us with questions or for advice. That’s why we make sure our accounting professionals are friendly, relatable, and capable of breaking things down in a simple way.


We think of ourselves as more than just accountants. Our accounting professionals take the time to understand your goals with a can-do attitude and help reach your business objectives.

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Our low overhead model means that we can provide high-end accounting services at fees which are accessible to businesses of all sizes. Our competitors can’t touch our prices.

Nova Scotia CPA in your Pocket

“We want our clients to do business with the comfort of knowing they have a top-tier accounting professional on their team without worrying about fees. No matter what challenges your business is facing, we want you to feel like you’re walking around with the key to success in your pocket. “

-Ben Kinden, CPA, CA, Founder

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The role of CPA Services

Too many accountants take a “right answer” approach to business. If you don’t do it how they would have done it, they’re quick to say you’re wrong. This mindset is directly at odds with innovative and visionary thinking. It stifles the entrepreneurial flame and makes business owners constantly second-guess themselves. Needless to say, this is counter-productive to growing a successful business.

We see the role of a professional accountant differently. Our role is to fuel the entrepreneurial flame; not stifle it. We are here to help you capitalize on your ideas and develop them into successful businesses.