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Online Accounting Services

Experience the benefits of working with Atlantic Canada’s first online accounting firm. We have a low overhead model. As a result, our clients receive reduced fees without sacrificing service. Your fees go towards paying accounting professionals instead of overhead. So, we are able to provide top-tier services at affordable fees. It’s a win-win.

Our services are managed by Chartered Professional Accountants with Big-4 experience. These professionals are the same ones that are responsible for the service. No more person in the middle. This means no more miscommunications. You’ll be interacting directly with the same professional that does the work.

Essential Accounting Services Package

halifax accountants

Our essential accounting services package includes everything you need to get up-to-speed. This package includes:

  • Bookkeeping

  • HST/GST Filings

  • Payroll Processing

  • Business Tax Returns

  • Financial Reporting

Don’t worry if things are disorganized. Signing up with us is easy. We’ll take care of the cleanup for you at no extra charge. We pride ourselves on providing affordable and streamlined services to all of our clients.

Enhanced Accounting Services Package

enhanced accounting

Make good decisions. Improve your business. That’s what our enhanced services are all about. It’s like having an advisor right in your pocket. Enhanced services include:

  • Tax Planning

  • Virtual Financial Officer Services

  • Startup and Small Business Consulting

Don’t get lost in complexity. With our enhanced services, you’ll charge on with confidence knowing we’re by your side.

Specific Accounting Services

Looking for specific services? No problem – all of our services are available individually or in packages. We custom craft a proposal for each client. A perfect combination of services to match their needs. Receive the accounting services you need; pass on the ones that you don’t.

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Contact us today for your free consultation. Receive your customized proposal. Start benefiting from high quality and low fees. It’s time to go with mobile accounting services.

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