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Experience the benefit of having a finance professional by your side. Gain access to quality and experienced finance professionals. Affordable fees. Receive a professional analysis of business results. Full-time CFO services for growing Canadian companies.

Virtual Chief Financial Officer

Adding a Virtual CFO to your roster is an investment in your business. You will be amazed at how having an experienced finance professional on your team enhances your business. Increase profitability. Improve cash flow. Secure financing. Start benefiting by investing in a Virtual CFO for your business today.

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Analysis of Financials

Analysis of monthly, quarterly, or annual results. One-on-one session to review the results and report on business insights. Have a watchful eye over your financial statements at all times.

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Securing Financing

Calculating external financing required. Identifying and evaluating financing options, business loans, the need for additional working capital, access to credit, and negotiating with banks and investors. Having that expert financial business advisor on your side helping develop the proper strategic decisions when it comes to sustainability, and scalability.

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Building a budget and financial forecast. Plan for working capital requirements. Meet profit targets. Understand actual results versus what's been budgeted. Financial planning is crucial to small business growth.

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Decision Making

Access the perspective of an experienced finance professional. Simplify decision-making. Available on request to advise management.

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Financial Policy

Develop financial policies. Implement procedures. Control your processes. Reduce bad debts. Optimize your pricing policies. Help with the decision making process.

A CFO is more than just an Accountant

Our professionals are more than just accountants. They are experienced business people with expertise in strategy and management. You’ll be amazed at how much a Virtual Chief Financial Officer can do for you. Gain an edge in business negotiations. Optimize your financing sources. Enhance your financial management practices. Improve your cash flow.


Virtual CFO FAQS

Despite being a virtual CFO, there are instances when they may travel to see customers in person, or at their place of business. It’s also possible that they’ll contact you directly by email. They’ll communicate by video conferencing. A wide range of work arrangements is supported in today’s workplace. In a corporate climate that defies prediction, a virtual CFO provides an organization with the flexibility they require. 

The specific job of the CFO depends on the demands of your organization Typically, the precise needs of the company are usually dependent on where the company lands on the business life cycle.

For newer businesses

– Create fundamental procedures (Accounting Setup/Accounting Automation).

– Ensure complete compliance

– Examine lending agreements 

– Compile a set of clear and realistic figures to present lenders and investors.


For both growing and established businesses

– Profit management (profit-focused accounting)

– Strategic business planning

– Get the firm ready for expansion or a sale.

– Data analytics built-in

The CFO is your company’s senior financial specialist, safeguarding and assisting it in its growth. The responsibilities of a CFO vary depending on the sector and stage of development of the firm. 

Typical Roles include:

Regular financial diagnostic evaluations, continuous financing strategy, back-office financial assistance, forecasting, budget preparation, business development, and financial reporting. A chief financial officer (CFO) aids in the acquisition of capital, the investigation of government incentives, the management and projection of cash flow, and the forecasting of financial performance. 

Having the financial expertise of a consulting CFO will ultimately vary in pricing. The total cost will be dependent on the precise needs, and where the business is in its stage of growth. Overall, because our services are done virtually, your costs will be minimized compared to hiring a CFO in-house. Contact us today to learn more about our virtual chief financial officer services.